sarah's values

I feel that my gift of understanding and intuition set up an atmosphere of acceptance and a sense of gently being restored to oneself.  With my long term interest in the gentler arts of medicine, I facilitate the unfolding of peace within my clients.

I am heavily influenced by the masters of healing who preserve and teach the time-tested, ancient ways of restoring the body's natural health, like my Chinese medical trainers like Dr. Wang of St. Petersburg, with whom I trained for years in tai chi, raw herbs, and acupuncture.  I am also influenced by new thinkers like Ron Kurtz whose healing method gives a supportive and non-invasive hand in each client's unique unfoldment.

I particularly enjoy giving acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy to children. I believe the side effects of prescription medicine are often harmful. I have a deep desire to help keep children off of these drugs, which are rarely clinically tested on children, and even more rarely clinically studied over the lifetime of the chilrden who are casually prescribed more and more drugs every year.  I firmly support parents who want to help their children, and I want to give them safe and often equally effective treatments that they can also choose.