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watermelonWatermelon is cool, sweet, and moist.  It clears summerheat and moistens dryness.  In the summer time, the Fire element abounds and harrases the Heart, Pericardium, and Sanjiao meridians.  Cool off with a nice jump in the pool and a big ol' slice of watermelon.





The Liver Blend SP-13 detox formula from Solaray helps with grouchiness and is great for the spring season. Liver is the organ associated with spring so this product is like an internal spring cleaning for your body. To be directed to Solaray's website for more information on this product click here


the book of herbal wisdom

by matthew wood buy on amazon

"Herbalism is a subject rooted in the folk medicines of the world's civilizations. Each culture brings a different understanding of the concept of healing according to its traditions. Wood starts by explaining some of these concepts and traditions. For example, he explains North American Shamanism with its dream understandings of the herbs, and Chinese medicine with its yin and yang principles as well as its hot, dry, moist and wet concepts. We are introduced to the Doctrine of Signatures and to the Four Humors. To understand the mindset is to understand the reasons these medicines were used-an ambitious goal quite credibly done in the time and space he devotes to it." - Maria Bohle


by ron kurtz buy on amazon

Ron Kurtz is the originator of the Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy and a preeminent influence in progressive psychotherapy.
Ron "belongs to the masters," says John Bradshaw, who calls the Hakomi Method "the absolute cutting edge in modern therapeutic technique."
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