sarah's biography

sarah in nature

My name is Sarah Costonis (DOM), and I spent most of my childhood rambling in the woods and hills of Tennesse picking mullein, violet leaf, mint, pine, wild strawberries, and other common herbs I identified with my handy field guides.  After falling seriously ill at a young age, I became interested in the age-old problem:  what causes suffering?  And how can we alleviate it?

Before I even graduated cum laude from Macalester College, I set about creating a training program for myself in alternative healing methods.  I have been practicing cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki, and flower-essences since 1998 when I graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Health.   Since graduating from the East-West  School of Natural Medicine, I have integrated homeopathy and acupuncture into my practice as well.